The Book

How can traditional Christian teachings guide business leaders to make ethical decisions? That’s what Peet van Biljon and James C. Sprouse address in the new edition of their Christian business leadership guide, Profit with a Higher Purpose. 

Satisfied that they are working for legal businesses and already adhering to corporate and professional ethical standards, too many executives separate their work lives from the practice of their faith.

Business decisions greatly affect the lives of employees, customers, suppliers and society at large.  In pursuit of profits, businesses may underpay and overwork employees, use unethical sales techniques, sell dangerous products to vulnerable consumers, cut costs so it harms people, and take other questionable actions that while legal, do not conform to Christian values.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In this new guide you will learn and be challenged to make better choices based on Biblical values.  By placing detailed analyses of core business practices side by side with Biblical texts and guidance, this book identifies many potential areas for improvement.

Whether it is providing a framework to navigate the challenges of automation and globalization, or advocating for fair employee compensation, Profit with a Higher Purpose connects the world of modern business with that of the faith.


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