Praise for the book

“The book’s vision is ‘challenging Christians to let their faith actively guide—and that means change—the business decisions that they make.’ The challenge to Christians to apply their faith is what makes it unique, and not just another self-help book for ambitious executives. This vision is a bold invitation that I thoroughly enjoyed and heavily underlined.  A tightly wound, deeply researched and highly practical guide for today’s Christian executives that stands on insight shared over 2,000 years ago.”

SCOTT WEISS, CEO & Chairman of Ocean Accelerator, Chairman of The Garage Group Advisory Board, Chairman of Cerkl Advisory Board, Thirty years in corporate leadership across three continents and multiple companies.

 “Why do business scandals persist when the only way to create true economic value is through loving service? How can we as executives move beyond near-term economic aims to serve a larger purpose? In this unique and powerful book, a global consultant and his pastor look to Sacred Scripture for answers. The resulting decision guide, clearly inspired and guided by the same Creator Who set our economic world in order, is one that every believer will treasure and share.“

ALEXANDRA R. LAJOUX, M.B.A., Ph.D., Chief Knowledge Officer Emeritus, National Association of Corporate Directors, and Principal, Capital Expert Services, LLC

“Finally, a book that seamlessly blends the wisdom of the ages with contemporary research on topics that are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Tackling the difficult question of how to reconcile Christian values with the rough edges of capitalism is an important and ongoing balance.  This is a great tool for congregations who seriously want to evaluate how people justify the use of power and money.”

THE REVEREND KATHLEENE CARD, Retired Elder in the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church.