What’s in the Book?

Back Cover_webFront Cover_web Our book is on track for a late August release on Amazon, so please stay tuned!

In the mean time, I want to share the chapter headings (with notes) so people can get a better sense of the content.

As you can see, we’ve tried to cover a wide spectrum of business and work life decisions.

1. “Our Business Lives in Perspective” – the purpose of our work
2. “Being the Boss” – burdens of leadership
3. “The Laborer is Worth His or Her Wage but Doesn’t get It” – fair compensation and inequality
4. “The Big Time Crunch” – work hours, rest and productivity
5. “The Many Sacrifices of the Ideal Worker” – family and relationship costs
6. “Temptations of a Salesperson” – unethical sales techniques
7. “Slaves to the Revenue God” – harmful products and consumption patterns
8. “A Costly Choice: Whom Will You Serve?” – societal costs and layoffs
9. “Between Automation and Globalization” – helping workers adjust
10. “Shackles of the Shareholder-Primacy Demon” – refuting shareholder-primacy ideology
11. “Playing on the Ethic Line” – typical ethical temptations
12. “A Principled Life in an Imperfect World” – personal coping strategies

Posted by Peet van Biljon